32 Commits (master)

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  Richard Brown e546564cd5 npm updates 5 days ago
  RL Brown 53eae8b40b replace moment with date-fns 1 week ago
  RL Brown efb961da13 added redis pkg but didn't use it 1 week ago
  RL Brown 00c34058be cleanup Apollo2 deps, tweak cookie stuff on srver 2 weeks ago
  RL Brown f1865c6c60 update deps 3 weeks ago
  RL Brown 9188edf3b1 remove older @apollo stuff 1 month ago
  RL Brown 610124d6d6 fix cypress tests 1 month ago
  RL Brown 315f1c06a2 npm updates and mongodb tweak 3 months ago
  RL Brown 9dd0caf038 better font org 6 months ago
  Rich Brown a5056e6d0f put client back w. @apollo/react-hoc `withApollo` 9 months ago
  Rich Brown 7c7876add0 re-factor away react-apollo/only use @/react-hooks 9 months ago
  Rich Brown 22c0eb26c4 api routes added for xml and json feeds 9 months ago
  Rich Brown fe4c11ef5f now with cookie warning 10 months ago
  Rich Brown 6b5e45c4fe pkg update & 2 upgrades to hooks 10 months ago
  Rich Brown 398788e047 animate loading boat 10 months ago
  Rich Brown d1f1ecbcd5 slight tweak to invertHex 11 months ago
  Rich Brown 8e86edb378 email and pw-reset w sendgrid 11 months ago
  Rich Brown 9f10a4b390 better solo page 1 year ago
  Rich Brown 1263a9a815 Follow Button on Solo, and add Cypress 1 year ago
  Rich Brown 939cb35ddf better signup in progress 1 year ago
  Rich Brown 5ef6735d2b toggle gone when no user 1 year ago
  Rich Brown 7f8be2a494 loosen up display name, change header links 1 year ago
  Rich Brown fbab4ff5f9 add helmet, cors only on /auth (test) 1 year ago
  Rich Brown 8301e4feb2 lots of admin stuff working a lil better 1 year ago
  Rich Brown 06eb9968e2 winston and basic rest API point 1 year ago
  Rich Brown 05e340443a reworked several gQL areas to better use apollo 1 year ago
  Rich Brown fca55261bf split out resolvers file 1 year ago
  Rich Brown dc42085b5b working subscription 1 year ago
  Rich Brown a2d72d7ce6 basic progress 1 year ago
  Rich Brown 2288dfce22 timeline basics okay 1 year ago
  Rich Brown 182bc2841e header progress 1 year ago
  Rich Brown 6e28fcde98 working basics 1 year ago